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Fully automatic, reliable, on-line analysis

Objective, repeatable measurement Fundamental cooled ‘mirror’principle

Patented detection technique

Self-cleaning Active Heating Cycle to resist contamination

Cenelec certified operation in Zone 1 or 2

Sampling system/sensor cell designed for exposed field location

EExd housing option available for wholly hazardous area installation

Optional combined water and hydrocarbon dew point analysis





Sensor Cell
Construction Stainless steel (AISI 321 grade) sealed quartz glass window, design pressure 30 MPa
Optical surface Etched stainless steel (AISI 321 grade), conical depression, copper core with embedded miniature, precision thermocouple
Measurement Dark Spot fixed sample analysis
Detection system Photo detection
Sensor cooling Compressed air, vortex cooling requiring
instrument quality air supply. Alternatively, where compressed air is not available, Joule-Thomson
gas expansion using precessed natural gas
Sampling System (incorporating Sensor Cell)
Materials All gas wetted parts stainlesss teel (AISI 316
grade), soft parts predominantly Viton
Coolant supply and Vortex cooled version: instrument quality
range compressed air, 0.6 to 1 MPa, 50 °C depression
capability (measurement down to -30 °C from
operating temperature of +20 °C), typical usage
200 to 400 normal litres per measurement cycle.
Joule-Thomson version: processed natural gas,
min 6 MPa, max 20.6 MPa, 50 °C depression for
supply pressures greater than 7 MPa, 40 °C
depression for lower pressure supplies, typical
usage 100 to 200 normal litres per measurement
Sample gas Source pressure up to 20.6 MPa, measurement
sample adjustable 0 to 9.8 MPa, flow rate 0.5
Flow control Intrinsically safe 24 V dc solenoid valves for
sample and coolant. Actuation by control unit via
isolation barrier type solenoid drivers (MTL 5022
or equivalent)
Enclosure Insulated stainless steel with acrylic glazed door
(optional GRP) 800H x 800W x 300D mm.
Ingress protection to IP65 (optional IP66). All
fixtures stainless steel. Stainless steel wall
mounting brackets
Cable/pipe entry All through bottom gland plate. Pre-machined
M20 clearance holes for sensor field cable and
heater power supply cable. 6 mm bulkhead
compression couplings for coolant supply and
sample in, 12 mm for all exhausts
Temperature Thermostatically controlled heater cartridge for
control AHC operation, thermostat/heater provided for
general enclosure temperature control for
installations at exposed locations. Set point
adjustable 0 to 50 °C. Power supply: single phase,
110 or 240 V ac, 50/60 Hz. Consupmtion 100 W
max per heater. Optional vortex cooling for
desert installations.
Operating In or outdoors (shaded position). -15 to +40 °C,
environment 0 to 99% rh
Weight 70 Kg approx
Control Unit
Enclosure 19” sub-rack unit. 133 mm (3U) high, 400 mm
clearance depth
Circuitry Micro processor based with battery backed up
ROM. Mini Terminal for user configurable
programme variables. Automatic power reset
Display Green alphanumeric gas discharge display
Accuracy Condensation temperature measurement
accuracy ±0.5 °C
Technical Specifications
Printer Thermal printer giving full operating and
configuration data and system error reports
Analogue outputs 4-20 mA (isolated): ‘sample and hold’ for dew
point (up-dated every measurement cycle). Max
load 300Ω
Alarm outputs Process alarm for high measured dew point, setpoint
configurable by user. System failure alarm
for operating errors. Volt free, normally closed
contracts (non-alarm state) for both alarms
Power supply Single phase supply 90 V min, 250 V max,
50/60 Hz. Power consumption 100 W max
Operating Indoors. 10 to 35 °C, 5 to 85 % rh
Weight 10 Kg approx
Inter-connecting Cable Assemblies
Max length 1 Km
The fibre optic and thermocouple cables supplied are heavy duty
armoured for direct burial installation.
Fibre optic cable is usually supplied as a pre-terminated and tested
assembly can be supplied as a pre-terminated and tested assembly.
Alternatively, if there is a high risk of damage during installion , the calbe
assembly can be supplied in kit form for termination after installation
(specialist engineer required - consult Michell Instruments’ Technical
Department). Thermocouple cable is supplied in kit form for assembly
after installation
Fibre optic: 2 core micron Hard Clad Silica fibre
Thermocouple: type T (copper-constantan) extension wire
Solenoid actuation: general instrumentation cable to BS53081:2 not
usually supplied by Michell Instruments. 4 cores rated for 100 mA at 24
V dc (max) required
Safety Aspects
The complete Condumax instrument package is CENELEC certified for
Zone 1 or 2 hazardous area operation of the sampling system and
sensor cell. The control unit and solenoid driver circuit must be located
in a designated non-hazardous area
All relevant components in the hazardous area are themselves
individually certified. The sampling system plate heater and thermostat
are certified EEx d IIC T5 and EEx ed IIC T6 respectively. The sensor
cell optical surface temperatue measurement thermocouple is
galvanically isolated to 500 V ac and, conforming to the simple apparatus
requirements, utilises a galvanic isolator certified [EEx ia] IIC. The
sample/coolant solenoid valves and associated solenoid drivers for the
actuation signals are certified intrinsically safe EEx ib IIC T6 and [EEx ia]
IIC respectively