Vaccine production quality control Vaccine production quality control through in-line viscosity monitoring

< What is the importance of viscosity quality control in vaccine production? >

In-line process viscosity control for reaction endpoint detection can ensure vaccine specifications and requirements are met. Quality control is necessary to ensure lot-to-lot consistency in manufacturing and to bring products to market, and this can be achieved by analyzing viscosity and density measurements.
Effective viscosity management in serial production can minimize material rejection due to poor quality.
Laboratory measuring devices eliminate the need for manual viscosity control, saving operators time and allowing them to focus on other tasks.
Pharmaceutical production requires the highest quality control. Correct construction and precisely controlled quality are non-negotiable when it comes to regulations and traceability codes.
Support for continuous production processes and transition to Pharma 4.0
Viscosity sensor data provides transparency and adaptability by providing access to data to digitize pharmaceutical manufacturing. Capable of handling smaller batch sizes and wider product portfolios, improving quality control in real time through real-time quality monitoring.

Viscosity measurements can determine the concentration of solids dissolved in a solution. Viscosity monitoring can help you gain a better understanding of process conditions, reduce drug development time, increase production capacity and stability, ensure product quality, and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to demonstrate process validation from drug discovery to production, and this can be achieved through viscosity measurements. Viscosity measurements are important for characterizing the physicochemical properties (density, viscosity, surface tension, osmolarity, and glass transition temperature) of mRNA-loaded LNP intermediate and finished solutions at various temperatures.

BIO, Jinwoo Hi-Tech’s in-line solution for the chemical industry

Brookfield TT-100

Inline rotational viscometer
▶ Viscosity: 10~500,000 cP
▶ Shear Rate: 10~1,000 sec -1
▶ Repeatability: ±0.5% of span
▶ Pressure Range: 200 psig
▶ Max Flow Rate: 5 m 3 /h
▶ Output Signal: 4-20mA
Rheonics SRV, SRD

In-line vibrating viscosity and density meter

▶ Viscosity: 0.5~50,000 cP
▶ Accuracy: 1% of reading
▶ Repeatability: 1%
▶ Density: 0.4~4.0 g/cc
▶ Accuracy: 0.001 g/cc
▶ Repeatability: 1%
▶ Analog & Digital output
Brookfield TT-100

Inline ultrasonic flow meter

▶ Flow range: 0.01~25 m/s
▶ Accuracy: ±1.0% (±0.3%)
▶ Repeatability: 0.15%
▶ Pipe Size: 6~6,500 mm
▶ Temp range: -40~240 ℃
▶ Analog & Digital output