Continuous measurement eliminates the need for “Grab” sampling.
eliminate and predict final product properties
Stay in control
Low concentric cylinder shape (Kouette type) is
Provides viscosity measurements under defined shear conditions
The shear defined is at the equivalent shear rate.
Brookfield Laboratory Measurements Department
means match
Constant or variable speed motor available 4-20mA output signal has various
Provides display and control functions
Wide range of pressure, temperature, viscosity,
Capable of flow and shear rates
Measure “area” from the main flow.
Protected under various conditions
Accurate and repeatable measurements are possible
In-line mounting supported by connection
: In 1″, 1½” or 2″ pipeline connection
Available, tri-clamp, threaded or flanged
Easy to check and maintain calibration
API (American Petroleum Institute)
Capable of operating at shear rates of 511 s-1 as required by standards
With IECEx, ATEX, and North American explosion-proof certifications (optional)
Used in hazardous locations around the world



Viscosity range 10 – 500,000( cP/mPa·s)
Speed Single Speed: Application Specific
Input Power 115Vac: 50/60Hz, 230Vac; 50/60Hz,24VDC
Output 4 – 20mA


TT-100 IECEx Model Certified to IECEx, ATEX and North American Explosion Proof Standards
Variable Speed Motor
Computer Controlled Variable Speed Viscometer

Typical Installation