Based on our GCSense platform, this high-quality solution is ideal for integration in medium-complexity GC configurations requiring up to five valves and up to two detectors. It’s also easy to operate thanks to the large touchscreen display.


4U 19” rackmount configuration Up to 4 isothermal zones Up to 5 chromatography valves
Up to 2 gas detectors

Gas detector


The patented SePdd (Scalable Enhanced Plasma Discharge Detector)
It uses technology based on stabilized dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma.
It is the most advanced and sensitive detector.


Our enhanced FID detectors are designed with electronics to provide the highest sensitivity and robustness, making them unlike any other detector out there.


Our TCD is designed for percentage level applications.
As with all our detectors, the high-quality electronic circuitry ensures the best performance on the market.

ASDevice Component

GCSense Valve Detector S4
(sample stream
selection system)

Solution Highlights

The most reliable solution

If GC stops working, the entire process will stop. Industrial grade ASDSense GC software,
Thanks to PLSV technology and a variety of powerful detectors that last 3x longer than competitors
You get a high-performance, high-quality solution that never becomes a weak point in manufacturing. Process.