Simultaneous density, viscosity and temperature measurement Measured under reservoir conditions
: 2000 bar and 200°C
Fluid samples less than 0.7 cc required for measurement
Built for bench or field use Highly accurate measurements in the harshest conditions Full titanium grade 5 construction;
Built-in high-precision fluid temperature sensor


Fluid measurement

Viscosity range 0.2 ~ 300 cP
(0.02 ~ 500 cP available)
Viscosity accuracy 0.1 cP or less 1 cP 5% of reading (typical)
Density range 0 – 1.5 g/cc
Density Accuracy 0.001 g/cc
(Accuracy better than 0.0001 g/cc)
Reproducibility Better than 1% of reading
Temperature Pt1000 (cIass AA)

Operating conditions

Process fluid temperature -40 up to 200°C
Ambient temperature -40 up to 200°C
Pressure range Up to 30,000 psi


Robust structure and superior sensor technology

Patented Balanced Resonator
Rheonics’ DVM sensors use a patented balanced resonator to ensure consistent and reproducible measurements regardless of how the DVM is mounted.
Robust, repeatable and well-characterized sensors
DVM uses ultrastable resonators built on decades of experience in materials, vibration dynamics, and fluid resonator interaction modeling, adding up to the most robust, repeatable, and well-characterized sensors in the industry.