Our most advanced solution, the KA8000 series, is based on the iMOv platform. The modular oven design integrates six GC valves, two detectors and multiple parallel chromatography channels and also features a heated valve box and ramping oven.


Up to 2 gas detectors and
Up to 4 with SePdd Quattro
Up to 6 column areas Isothermal and ramping oven functions
Ambient or heated valve function Up to 6 chromatography valves From the front panel for easy maintenance
Access to all major GC components
Rackmount or benchtop configuration
Auto Sampler Options

Gas detector


The patented SePdd (Scalable Enhanced Plasma Discharge Detector)
It uses technology based on stabilized dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma.
It is the most advanced and sensitive detector.


Our enhanced FID detectors are designed with electronics to provide the highest sensitivity and robustness, making them unlike any other detector out there.


Our TCD is designed for percentage level applications.
As with all our detectors, the high-quality electronic circuitry ensures the best performance on the market.

ASDevice Component

iMOv Valve Detector SCS
(Sample concentration system)
(sample stream
selection system)

Solution Highlights

K8000Ex: Explosion-proof version

Need an analytics solution that can operate in hazardous environments.
Applications include the K8000Ex.
It offers the same benefits as the K8000plus, but
This is a solution provided by Fuzzy Enclosure.

Ex NEPSI certified

Our solutions are certified and tested by independent laboratories.
I went through it. This product complies with GB 3836.1-10, GB 3836.2-2010,
GB 3836.4-2010, GB/T 3836.5-2017 and
Complies with GB 3836.9-2014.